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America's most violent Grindcore band ever...Dismembered Fetus from Denver, Colorado. If you are easily offended, then just don't. Continue onward if babies guts, disemboweled preachers, dislocated vaginas, and beating your head on the concrete is for you...with artwork to boot!!!

Dismembered Fetus

An American band from Denver, Colorado. Active: 1991-1997/2008-2009 Members: Co-founder/ Vox/guitar/bass/ all artwork: Mephistopheles Jae Foetusgrubber Co-founder/ bass/vox/guitar/drums: Josh "Ace" Stough 1975-2008 Guitars/drums: Mike Clague Drums/bass: Jeremy Lewis Vocals/bass/guitar/drums: Roberto "Creep" Marfia

Formed in a time when death metal and Grindcore were newly born, and under the original spelling, Dismembered Foetus, these four kids from Jefferson County and Denver County played their first show in a tiny Victorian style house off of Acoma Street and Iowa in Denver. Having only a four song set, they went ahead and played their set twice. Nevertheless, the partying crowd went nuts and the show went pretty well for some teenagers.

They had one more show at that house, a month later, in which twice as many people came to see them play. (Somewhere around 100 heads) This time, the show was going very well. There were people flying over a door that was up against a window,(to protect it.) As the door fell towards the moshpit, the gentleman; Paul Simoneau, went head first through the window. And as the show went on about five more minutes, a girl; Jessie, set her cup of beer on the back of Mike's Peavey amplifier and it spilt, shorting out the amp. And the show ended prematurely. Promising the next one to go off without a hitch, they reluctantly shut down the show and put up their equipment.

Dismembered Foetus had made three demo tape recordings so far and went ahead and wrote a couple of new songs and recorded them in an upstairs room of the same house. All the while Mephistopheles drew up t-shirt designs and flyers for the up coming show at 52nd and Marion. The third show was up by the old Malibu Racetrack in Denver. A large outdoor show, they performed on a porch sized slab of concrete behind a garage looking structure with a four post canopy over the concrete. This shows turn out was huge!!! At least a 600 headcount arrived to witness the new sickness that Dismembered Foetus promised, and delivered, not only due to their name, also musically, and visually. With their switching instruments in the middle of their set, nobody knew what was happening, all they knew was that these guys had talent and a strange cult following ensued...

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